Posted by The Perez Family on Jan 11th, 2018

Jan & Rays has been A BIG relief for my family. As working parents it’s hard to leave your child at daycare where you don’t have any idea what goes on. I was very skeptical about sending him to Jan & Rays because it was something different being in a home, BUT it was by far the BEST choice I had ever made for myself as well as my son! We came from a daycare where we had a very bad experience, so I felt comfort when Ray would call me in the mornings to assure me my son was doing just fine! My LO was always so happy to go to Jan & Ray’s, every morning he would love to get up so he can go enjoy his day over there! He would always come home talking about how much he loves going to Jan & Ray’s and always saying how much he loved them! To me as a parent it was so comforting to know he was well taken care of and really enjoyed attending. He was always kept really clean, and I know at previous day cares we have attended my son would come home with his clothes all dirty and a running nose, BUT not here! Jan & Ray would always make sure to change him when he would get dirty from lunch etc. His nose was always clean when I would pick him up, and he was NEVER sick! The home is very clean and very well kept up with! My son would most definitely still be there today, if it wasn’t for him staying with Grandma. I would HIGHLY recommend this Child care to anyone out there looking! THANK YOU JAN & RAY!!!

Posted by Cataleya Garcia on Jan 5th, 2017

Jan & Rays childcare is a clean, warm, safe home away from home for our 2 yr. old daughter. I was referred to them by an old friend from college who had her daughter there years ago. She had nothing but positive things to say about them. We feel the same and are glad we chose to meet them. Our daughter is well taken care of when she is there. She is clean, happy, and fed each day. She brings art and drawings home daily and tells me that Mr. Ray sings and colors with them. Mrs. Jan takes her to the potty and always sends her home with a dry, clean pull-up. We were very nervous the first week because we had a terrible experience with a different daycare before but Mr. Ray made sure to call me after I dropped her off to let me know she was fine and eating breakfast. He did this for me for a few days until she stopped crying and was happy during drop-offs. This kind of thoughtful communication is EXACTLY what working parents need when choosing a child care service. Jan & Ray always call when there is an issue even if it's just to tell me that she didn't eat much or had a little bloody nose. They tell me when she had a time out or when she chose to throw a toy and accidentally hit someone. They have excellent communication and are always accepting of "check in" phone calls. Mr. Ray is very organized and keeps up with all the licensing inspections and billing paperwork. My daughter is happy and safe when we are away at work and we couldn't have asked for a better couple to provide the most important service to our family. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 27th, 2016

My daughter has been going to Jan & Ray's daycare for almost a year now, I must say I'm so happy to have found them. My daughter went to two different daycares that had a lot more kids and I just noticed a lot of changes in her. I also noticed they never really paid that much attention to her, I mean how can they when there're only 1-2 teachers and 15 students! I love hearing about my daughters day & the things she's done. I leave my daughter knowing she's going to be taken care of & that as a parent it's what I look for in a day care. I would always recommend Jan & Ray's daycare to anyone looking for a trustworthy, honest, communicating, fun day care for their child!

Posted by Leslie Pena on Jun 3rd, 2016

My son has been going to Jan & Ray’s for about 4 months now & in that time his shape recognition has improved & he knows more than just his primary colors. He enjoys going there so much so that right as we turn down their street he’s looking for their house.

Thank You,
Leslie Pena

Posted by admin on Mar 17th, 2016

I chose Jan and Ray to care for my daughter after lots of researching, historically they had maintained a solid reputation and been in operation for over a decade. To me it was a good sign quality care would be provided. I met with them in their home and immediately felt comfortable and at ease. The environment is home based and you get the sense it enhances the emotional well-being of the children while providing a constructive place to learn and thrive. They are a great family child care provider and feel like a member of your family, helping raise your child in a loving manner. This is what led me to bring my daughter to this day care initially at the age of 2, she is 5 now and will be starting kinder in fall 2016. I am really going to miss them. They are fairly priced, and the atmosphere is constructive, safe, and clean. I highly recommend Jan and Ray.

Posted by Amanda Lee on May 12th, 2014

My son was almost 3 years old when we moved to Corpus Christi last year. He had one babysitter in San Antonio, who cared for him since he was 6 weeks old. We spent all summer together in our new home in Corpus, therefore, starting a new daycare and being away from mom was hard on him. Jan and Ray were very understanding and communicated with me daily on his progress. I love having my son in the home environment but that it is run as a daycare facility. He is learning to be more responsible and preschool curriculum. My son has always been ahead of his peers academically, however, he did not know his alphabet letters by sight nor could he use scissors. Eight months later he can cut out letters of the alphabet and recognize numbers. Jan and Ray use a curriculum that is age appropriate. He is learning to share and follow school rules. He says he loves Jan and Ray. Jan and Ray are flexible and understanding. Being a teacher, my son does not have to attend daycare during the summer. However, I feel it necessary for him to continue his schooling at Jan and Ray’s because it is where he learns the most and prepares for public school in two years. I am very pleased to have my son under their care.

Thank you Jan and Ray for loving and caring for my son!
Amanda Lee

Posted by Whitney Mikulencak on Sep 24th, 2013

Let me start by saying I am very pleased with Jan and Rays Childcare. I would definitely refer them to any parent or guardian looking for child care. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old that attend there child care. I knew from the interview I was going to be comfortable with leaving my children while I worked. Not to mention my children took off to play as soon as we walked in, normally there stuck by my side in new places. There behavior has improved tremendously since they have been going there. I am very very pleased and have absolutely no complaints.

Posted by Shelia Taylor on Jun 21st, 2013

Having our daughter at jan & rays day care was truly a blessing. She's now 3 and started there barely at the age of 2. She learned so much there it was impeccable! From Spanish to numbers and shapes, she fully learned to speak and put sentences together being there, they helped with potty training and truly care about the children. They never got frustrated, they truly genuinely cared and were always willing to help with anything they could. Our daughter is temporary out of day care due to the fact of us welcoming our second baby into the world. When the time comes, were going to see about re-instating them both. We are so grateful for the help and care we received from jan and ray. Thank you so much.

Posted by Catherine Burleigh on Jun 21st, 2013

I can not begin to express my happiness for stumbling across Jan and Rays Daycare. Our previous daycare was closing and had given us a 30 day notice. After some of the issue with that previous daycare, I wanted to thoroughly check out the daycare my children were going into. I checked the DHS website and read testimonials of all the daycares I was looking into. I was very impressed with Jan and Rays. On our interview, I was pleased with the home atmosphere and how clean it was without the bleach smell. I have had my children in 4 daycares, counting Jan and Ray’s, one thing I disliked about the previous daycares, was the heavy bleach smell, yet nothing really looked clean, and the kids were sick with the sniffles or stomach problems. Since being at Jan & Ray’s it has been less sick days for the kids. I also had issue with getting information on how the kids did that day at the previous daycares, due to change in shift and lack of documentation. At Jan and Ray’s, I get information on how they are doing from the time I drop them off till I pick them up, because it is Jan and Ray who are with the kids all day. The kids love it there, and knowing that they are truly learning and being taught manners means a lot to us. The kids do sometimes miss the larger daycares with all the big playground equipment, and when they whine, we bring them back to reality with some of the issues we had with bullies and being sick at the previous daycares. It means a lot for us, to be able to drop the kids off and know that they are being cared for and not just let loose in a room to run amuck. I could go on and on with all that I like and love about Jan and Ray’s, but it boils down to the fact that when I drop the kids off, I am not worried for their well being, and in this day and age, that is a big burden lifted off our shoulders as parents to know you can trust that your children are safe.

Catherine Burleigh

Posted by Amanda on Jun 21st, 2013

Jan & Ray... I just wanna thank you again for your wonderful care of my son. As a single parent to one child...i was very hesitant & a lil nervous trusting anyone but family to care for Mikey while I was at work. After leaving him w/ you the first day, I knew I had made a good choice. Mikey has blossomed over the last 2 & a half years & I know you guys had a lot to do w/ it. His first few days of kindergarten have been great although he does miss you two...and so do I. Thk u...thk u...thk u. I'll continue to recommend you to anyone who asks...and even those who don't. See you soon!!!


Posted by Kassondra Casanova on Jun 21st, 2013

Jan & Ray, Thank you for taking such good care of Vincent while he was in your home. It was stressful with him starting daycare for the first time, but you both helped it be an easy transition and he adjusted so well, and I'm sure that was because you both were awesome with him. He grew to enjoy going to your home & we will miss you very much. If we hadn't moved he'd still be with you! Thank you again for your kindness & caring for my precious boy!

Kassondra Casanova

Posted by Laura Luna-Puebla on Jun 21st, 2013

My daughter was just at a year when we started at Jan and Rays. It was hard for my husband and I to let her go as she has severe asthma and we wanted to make sure she was in a very loving and nurturing environment. I have to tell you from the first day we started with Jan and Ray we have felt confident and comfortable with the their home daycare. We continue to trust Jan and Ray with our precious daughter and appreciate their structure as they are preparing her to enter Pre-k. Jan and Ray treat our daughter as if she is their very own. They go out of there way for the little things like calling to let me know my daughter didn't cry when I left her, or if she was not feeling well they will call and give me updates. It brings us a peace of mind knowing we can go to work and our daughter is with people who consider her family. The bonus is also having the opportunity to apply for the scholarships offered to assure our daughter can be there.We strongly recommend Jan and Rays for people looking for that rich family caring environment for their child

Posted by Olivia Pearce on Jun 21st, 2013

My daughter (Mia) was 22 months when we started taking her to Jan and Rays. She has never been to daycare, so my husband and I were scared to death to put her just anywhere. I have to say that my daughter just loves attending daycare with them. She is treated so wonderfully and is always happy to head to Jan and Rays in the morning. Another very important factor was price. Since I am attending school (Southern Careers Institute) and my husband is the only income Jan and Rays offers a child care scholarship that is very helpful. Having this scholarship was the only way I was able to afford to attend school. I recommend Jan and Rays child care services to anyone who wants a daycare that teaches, cares, and really works with the children to make sure that they are happy and comfortable.

p class="posted-by">Posted by Desiree Garza on Jun 21st, 2013


My daughter was about 20 months when she started at Jan & Rays Daycare. She had never been to daycare before, as a mother it’s not easy to know someone else will have to care for your child while you work. I did so much research and visited so many day cares, until we found Jan & Rays daycare. When my husband and I met with them, we both sensed that this was not just another daycare. Jan & Rays not only open up there home to take care of our daughter and other children they are loving, caring, patient, people. We prayed so much that GOD would bless us with a daycare that would take good care of our daughter. It’s scary to leave your child with people they don’t know. We like all parents go with what our heart and instinct tell us especially MOM’s. This is one of those times when I’m glad we followed our hearts and trusted Jan & Ray to care for our daughter. We are very great full that GOD blessed us with Jan & Rays Daycare.

Our daughter is tiny, very quiet and shy. The First day we dropped her off was the first time of separation; it’s the hardest thing a parent and child have to go through, especially a mother. It took about a week of crying for my daughter and of course mom crying on the way to work. However I knew she was safe and well taken care of, even better at the same time Jan & Ray would call me right before I got to work and reassured me my daughter had stop crying and she was doing ok. I can’t tell you how much those special calls made this transition so much easier. We appreciate that Jan & Ray are so compassionate and understanding. Jan & Ray also offer a child care scholarship that’s so wonderful. They understood our financial situation and helped us with this scholarship this is the only way were able to afford daycare. Jan & Ray are true blessings to be able to offer wonderful care for your child and affordable daycare.

My daughter is almost 2 years old now and she calls them by there name Jan & Ray and happily gets off the car to start her day. If you are looking for a daycare take the time to meet Jan & Ray I guarantee you will be a pleased parent with a happy child.

Jan & Ray my husband and I want to thank you for caring and loving our little princess with open arms. We really appreciate everything you both do for our family. With that said you will always be a part of our family for GOD has truly blessed us to have you in our lives.

May GOD keep blessing you both always and forever! Thank you!
Mom Garza

Posted by Jennifer Donaldson on Jun 21st, 2013

Jan and Rays was the 2ND daycare my daughter attended and LOVED. She was there for a year and learned to write her name, identify her colors and shapes, learn the concept of sharing and was taught great manners. Now shes about to start kindergarten and I feel she will be attending elementary with a great start due to Jan And Rays!!!


Posted by Pinkard, Maria CTW-4 on Jun 21st, 2013

I have a three year old grandson who has been in the care of Jan and Ray since he was 18 months old and I must say that I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this daycare. They are caring and very proactive with the care of my grandson. Every day when I pick him up I am extremely pleased with their care of my grandson because not only is he clean but he is a happy little man and that means a lot to me. I know that he is in the best care that there is and that comforts me while I am at work. My thanks and appreciate go out to Jan and Ray for all their hard work and awesome care of my child.


Posted by Darlene Flores on Jun 21st, 2013

Started leaving my daughter at Jan & Rays one year ago. I feel like I am leaving my daughter with family. My daughter is 3 years old and very independent. Jan & Ray have been patient and great with their guidance. My daughter has yet to have any behavior problems and enjoys her day with Jan & Ray. I would recommend this daycare to anyone. It beats going to a large daycare where your child is one of many. Here your child gets personal attention and Jan & Ray know you by name.


Posted by Kelli Page on Jun 21st, 2013

My daughter has been going to Jan and Rays child care for 9 months now and I could not be more pleased with the service I receive. I am a nursing student with a busy schedule and there hours where perfect for me. Kaelyn really enjoys going there and most importantly i know she is safe there. As a parent placing your child in child care is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Also Kaelyn has learned so much while being there and her manners have improved tremendously, she is starting to name colors and count higher. They are very patient with Kaelyn and they also take the time to not only get the know the children who attend there but also the parents as well. I'm very pleased with my child care service that I receive from Jan and Ray!


Posted by Marcia L Rew on Jun 21st, 2013

I would like to let you know Christina will be starting school in August and I want her to take some time off before she goes to school we are planning some out of town trips and she will be having her cousin spending some time with us. I just want her to have a real summer vacation before she starts public school. So, her last day at your day care will be on June 30th.

I would like to let you both know how much I appreciate you both for taking such good care of the daughter. Words can never express how I feel about both of you, I trust you with my daughters life and you always took such great care of her and I will never forget either of you. I plan on keeping in touch to make sure you are both doing fine.

I know Christina will miss you both dearly, you both have made such an impact on her life and if ever I do have another child I hope and pray that he or she will have the same advantage that Christina has had, being in your care.

If you ever need a recommendation from anyone please don't hesitate to call me, you both know that I will always give you both an excellent recommendation.

Marcia L. Rew

Posted by Camille Ray Carter-Kitchen on Jun 21st, 2013

For over twenty years I've been involved with Jan and Ray's Childcare as a state childcare licensing worker in the 80's, a state childcare contract manager in the 90's, as a Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Child-Placing Agency Administrator to the present. I have witnessed the excellent, nurturing care of children continuously over the years. I recommend Jan and Rays for any parent wanting a safe home away from home for their children.

Posted by Brenda Rojas - Southern Careers Institute on Jun 21st, 2013

Dear Jan & Ray:

In the fifteen years that I have been working with you to help my students with their daycare issues in order for them to attend school, I have had no complains or worries from my students.

You and your wife have always made these very nervous students feel so wonderful about the love, care and learning environment that you provide for their children. They are never concerned or worried about neglect or abuse from your facility, and are able to pursue their education with the assurance that their children are being well taken care of.

Thank you for providing a much needed service in our community where the safety and welfare of our children is your first priority.

Thank you again,
Brenda Rojas

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